Outreach Ministries

Canvassing: Larry Cahall

Larry Cahall coordinates our canvassing team which helps distribute literature about Lighthouse in the local community as well as promote church events. If you live in the Newark and Elkton area you may have met members of our canvassing team in your community before! Canvassing runs during the spring and summer and is open to anyone in the congregation who is interested.

Soul Winning Advance Team (SWAT): Pastor Josh Canedy

Pastor Josh personally oversees this ministry which is focused on street evangelism during the spring and summer. The ministry heads out several Saturdays a month and the members pair up to share the gospel with individuals on the street, particularly in our home town of Newark. The pastoral staff also have a training seminar each year in the spring to help teach the congregation effective evangelism methods.

First Touch: Amy Witmer

This team focuses on ministering to people that visit us for the first time by following up with them in the days following their visit. The team makes calls, sends notes of encouragement, and makes themselves available to answer questions visitors might have about the church.

Helping Hands Food Pantry: Steve & Denise Zeron

Steve & Denise Zeron head up our Helping Hands food pantry which is dedicated to helping the homeless and needy in our community. The pantry is stocked through donations from the congregation of Lighthouse, and hundreds of families have received food and supplies to meet their physical needs. However, we also take the opportunity to share Christ, the Bread of Life, with each contact we make. Donations are normally collected the last Sunday of each month in the lobby of the main auditorium.